Commit d4832850 authored by Gavin Brown's avatar Gavin Brown

fix entity lookup, can test now there are entries in the registry

parent e9e1aa29
......@@ -285,9 +285,9 @@ sub entity {
return undef if (!$registry);
foreach my $service (@{$registry->{'services'}}) {
foreach my $value (@{$service->[0]}) {
foreach my $value (@{$service->[1]}) {
# unlike the other registries we are only looking for an exact match as there is no hierarchy to tag
return $package->assemble_url($package->get_best_url(@{$service->[1]}), 'entity', $handle) if (lc($value) eq lc($tag));
return $package->assemble_url($package->get_best_url(@{$service->[2]}), 'entity', $handle) if (lc($value) eq lc($tag));
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