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# IDNA Convert - pure PHP IDNA converter
Project homepage: <><br>
by Matthias Sommerfeld <><br>
&copy; 2004-2016 phlyLabs, Berlin
by Matthias Sommerfeld <><br>
## Introduction
......@@ -205,12 +203,11 @@ echo UnicodeTranscoder::convert($mystring, 'utf8', 'utf7imap');
For questions, bug reports and security issues just send me an email.
c/o Matthias Sommerfeld<br>
Am Großen Rohrpfuhl 11<br>
D-12355 Berlin<br>
Matthias Sommerfeld<br>
Trelleborger Str. 8<br>
D-13189 Berlin<br>
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