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This repository contains a plugin for WHMCS which supports CentralNic's registry system.

The plugin was originally developed by Astutium and used the now-deprecated Toolkit API. CentralNic has ported the plugin to use the EPP system.

The plugin should be 100% backwards compatible with the old plugin but there may well be bugs, so feedback is much appreciated.

The plugin uses our php-epp php-epp library for communicating with the EPP server.


This plugin exists to provide continuity for registrars who originally used the Astutium plugin. It will not be developed other than to fix bugs.

If you are a new registrar and wish to use WHMCS to sell domains, we recommend signing up as a reseller of our sister company, and using the WHMCS plugin for which has many more features and capabilities, and is continually developed and updated.

Installation Instructions

If you have shell access on the server which supports your WHMCS installation, you can install the module directly. Alternatively you can run the following commands on a different machine, then copy the files onto your WHMCS server.

  1. Clone the git repository:

    [user@host ~]$ git clone --recursive

  2. Move the centralnic-whmcs-plugin directory into the modules/registrars/ directory of your WHMCS installation.

  3. Go to the WHMCS admin page to configure the plugin.

Update Instructions

When you want to update the module, simply run this command:

[user@host centralnic-whmcs-plugin]$ git pull origin master

Feedback and Support

Please send all feedback, bugs and questions to


The plugin is released under the GNU General Public License.


  • Copyright 2013 Astutium Ltd
  • Copyright 2014-2015 CentralNic Group plc